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Weather vs Climate, What is the Difference?

Weather, Climate, and People: What are the Short- and Long-Term Impacts?

Weather and climate influence our lives daily. Whether it’s deciding to bring a jacket and umbrella on a walk or causing life-threatening issues like food insecurity and conflict abroad, these phenomena have both short- and long-term impacts.

Weather impacts people via temperature, windiness, rain, snow, ice, storminess, cloudiness, and air quality. It influences people’s decisions in clothing, transportation, and travel. Businesses and outdoor activities such as construction and repairs, landscaping and watering, sports and recreation, and meetings can change due to weather events. Even though some weather phenomena such as rain, wind, and storm might be relatively short, their impacts on a community or region may last for months or years depending on the severity of the event.

Though similar, the impacts of climate events last much longer than those of weather events, with some lasting for a few months, a few years or even a few decades. Climate events can damage or benefit supply and demand for food, water, and electricity. Therefore, the health of people, animals, and marine and land ecosystems rely on accessibility to such resources. Climate events can also impact river flows and, consequently, transportation and commerce on waterways. In the last 1,000 years, climate events, especially droughts, which last from a few years to a few decades, can cause famines, water shortages, socio-economic and political instabilities, and political revolutions and armed conflicts within and among countries.